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What is Cloud Optimization & Why is it Important?

What is Cloud Optimization & Why is it Important?

Cloud optimization is a series of steps and techniques to enhance the resources allocation to a workload or application. It is a set of business practices that link controls over the variable spend model of cloud IaaS to financial accountability. You achieve efficiency with your Cloud Optimization strategies by balancing your workload performance, compliance, and bills against the best cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to the cloud, your organization obtains unlimited scalability and a decrease in your IT costs. That’s one of the reasons why the world has moved to the cloud. However, companies are charged by main cloud providers depending on the resources that they order – even if they don’t use them all. Buying services that don’t match your application requirements increases risk and the waste of resources. These are results that most businesses can’t tolerate – including your organization. An optimized cloud gives you the exact resources you need — no more, no less — and frees up capital that can drive your company forward.

How Cloud Optimization is achieved

As your infrastructure grows, you cloud costs and complexity will also expand. By designing and implementing Workload Modeling and Service Matching strategies, you will have great optimization recommendations to follow. The cloud optimization process includes analyzing usage, operational expense, and historical data to consolidate this information and make a comparison against the information available of the current cloud services and configurations.  These experiences help IT Operations settle on better cloud choices and speed up business advancement.

Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices

Be proactive to correctively size your resources

Rightsizing alludes to an examination of your computing services to recognize the most adequate size for your operational prerequisite. With the right tools and knowledge, you can enhance the size of your server as well as different components like data set, memory allocation, storage limit, among others. This methodology additionally helps in cloud optimization by enhancing the performance of the resources that you’re paying for.

Identify unused resources as quickly as you can

The easiest way to optimize your cloud cost is by looking at the resources that you're not using. It's common to see the activation of resources for a single operation that are still there wasting your money.

Use Spot Instances

Spot Instances can be purchased for immediate use. These are great for batch jobs that can be terminated quickly. These are a smart way to cut part of your cloud spending.

Plan workloads for scalability

It's critical that you're able to optimize your cloud cost based on what you need.

Consider Multi-Cloud vs Single Cloud

You need to understand the benefits that both single and multi-cloud can offer. Then you can determine the best approach to take advantage of the cloud while you pursue your business goals. If you need help with this, just get in touch.

Monitor anomalies

Keep an eye on different fluctuations that can't be attributed to seasonality or any other common factor. Tracking those anomalies will help you design a plan to overcome any issue.

Identify the right storage type

You will have a bunch of storage options for your specific projects. However, to control costs effectively you should always keep an eye out for which of your buckets are frequently and infrequently accessed, and select your storage tier accordingly.

Use Heat Maps

With the help of heat maps, you will understand the consumption pattern on a real-time basis and automate the scheduling of instances. The insights that you get from these visual tools can be a valuable asset to strategize your organization.

How to Manage Cloud Optimization Strategies

Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Whether you’re a CFO who needs to control costs, a DevOps who works on optimizing resource allocation, or a CIO who needs a real-time overview of all cloud activity, our approach enables you to take control of your cloud. StrataCore can help your team with cloud optimization strategies and techniques to reduce your cloud infrastructure cost and bills.

Managing Cloud Optimization Strategies

Cloud Optimization Strategies help the organizations of an enterprise as IT systems optimization. But the developmental teams are often stifled by restrictive budget constraints as businesses seek to minimize cloud expenses, yet project managers insist on not cutting down on services as much as their software applications are concerned.

The only way out for organizations is through efficient Cloud strategies which can be implemented on a regular basis. To ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) for an enterprise to Cloud services strategy, it is important to keep in mind various Cloud Optimization strategies, which need to be integrated in unison. 

A Cloud strategy is comprised of various elements like the underlying technology, infrastructures, business processes, and business objectives of an enterprise. When these are properly synchronized, it becomes easy for an organization to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. A key aspect of any Cloud strategy is the cost effectiveness, which is achieved by minimizing deployment costs, utilizing on-demand resources, and using elastic pricing models.

One of the most cost-effective Cloud optimization strategies is to utilize on-demand resources. This can be achieved by freeing up on-demand resources by migrating data across the network and utilizing the free resources on demand. The on-demand resources that can be freely used by an application can be made available to the organization using Software as a Service (SaaS). Such Cloud services providers use infrastructure as well as software to provide a robust Cloud computing environment to companies at incredibly low costs.

The on-demand Cloud resources do not require installation and configuration costs, which makes them highly cost effective. The deployment costs are also reduced since the organization does not need to have its own hardware.

Other Cloud Optimization Strategies

Another Cloud optimization strategies is the usage of native development tools. These tools are embedded in the desktop, laptops and servers and consume fewer system resources than what they offer. Another way to reduce deployment costs and increase the utilization of on-demand Cloud resources is the use of IaaS.

IaaS is one of the most common Cloud optimization strategies. It offers a model of on-demand Cloud services, which enables organizations to consume Cloud resources on a pay-per-usage basis. Organizations can thus maximize their Cloud spending and make the most of their on-demand Cloud resources. IaaS also allows organizations to build applications, store information and collaborate with other systems through the Internet. Through this strategy, users do not need to invest in custom development tools and can get access to open-source development tools for highly affordable Cloud services.

Cloud cost optimization strategies for reducing deployment costs can be used to eliminate the need for purchasing on-premises software and storage devices. This will improve the utilization of Cloud resources by reducing the operational costs and improving the efficiency of deployment processes. The strategies can be used by service providers to reduce the cost of hardware, maintenance, and management. It will also allow users to make the most out of their on-demand Cloud services and reduce spending on purchasing hardware and software.

Who Is It For?

Be proactive to correctively size your resources

Rightsizing alludes to an examination of your computing services to recognize the most adequate size for your operational prerequisite. With the right tools and knowledge, you can enhance the size of your server as well as different components like data set, memory allocation, storage limit, among others. This methodology additionally helps in cloud optimization by enhancing the performance of the resources that you’re paying for.


Increase Cloud Cost Savings

Companies need to move faster to remain relevant and competitive. While cloud computing delivers the agility and scalability required for speedy innovation, costs can soar if not managed properly. Our cloud optimization tools and dashboards provide the finance organization with clarity into cloud cost drivers, tools for cost allocation along with recommendations for optimizing spend and increasing ROI.
CFO Dashboard


Cloud Optimization Strategies to Monitor Your Cloud

CIOs are responsible for making sure that work gets done quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Whether managing a massive map-reduce job or figuring out which customers are the costliest to support, CIOs need answers on how their cloud resources are performing and what the cost impact is. Our cloud optimization services provide the CIO with tools for assessing cloud efficiency based on detailed performance and cost metrics, across all deployments and environments.


Cloud Optimization Tools

DevOps have successfully leveraged cloud computing to increase productivity and dramatically shorten time-to-market. But the ease with which instances and environments are deployed can have very costly side-effects with redundant allocations, completely unused resources, and limited visibility into who is responsible. Our cost optimization strategies empower the DevOps team to securely monitor and optimize their cloud deployment all the way from a high-level, aggregated view, down to a single, tagged resource.

System Integrators

Best Techniques to Optimize Your Cloud

System integrators and other managed service providers need to ensure that their customers’ cloud deployment run smoothly and efficiently. However, this can be quite challenging when managing the combined capacity of dozens or even hundreds of customers. Our cloud cost optimization tool makes it easy for SIs and MSPs to optimize their aggregated cloud spend, eliminate wasted cloud resources, and accurately attribute cost and profit for each and every customer.



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