Evolve Your Business with the Help of an IT Broker

The IT Executive’s Dilemma

The world is going digital and at a dizzying pace. For instance, you don’t have to drive long to deposit your checks anymore, now you can do it from your phone. The way we interact with the world is changing, therefore, we expect companies to evolve at the same pace. Companies must transform and embrace new technologies to stay viable, relevant, secure, and competitive.

The way companies use technology to drive business outcomes has become a top priority for executives. This is what Gartner’s 2022 Worldwide Forecast for IT Investment said about technologies as a necessity:

CIOs are accelerating IT investments as they recognize the importance of flexibility and agility in responding to disruption caused by geopolitical issues, inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain challenges.

In this context, CIOs are now prioritizing investment in areas such as analytics, customer experience and cyber security.

What Keeps an IT Executive Up at Night?

The role of the IT executive, such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), is evolving. Gartner’s Top 3 Strategic Priorities for CIOs in 2022 points out the actions that executives should focus on:

  1. Utilize business composability to more easily address competing imperatives.
  2. Capitalize on force multipliers to advance digital dexterity and close the talent and skills gaps.
  3. Focus on a Human-Centric Design for the Workplace.

In today’s world, even the most seasoned, competent, and motivated IT executives can find themselves overstretched. In addition to their traditional responsibilities, such as IT vendor research and sourcing, today’s IT executives must:

  • Help the organization maintain an effective security and compliance posture within an increasingly interconnected (and vulnerable) digital landscape.
  • Understand how emerging technologies are changing the way consumers interact and conduct transactions.
  • Prioritize agile development methods and lead a DevOps transformation within the company.
  • Hire and retain top technical talent and train existing employees on new technologies.
  • Conclusively demonstrate the business benefits and outcomes of a particular technology decision.
  • Engage with business owners whose areas of focus are impacted by IT decisions – such as marketing and sales.
  • Understand and help lead the culture change an organization must undergo when implementing a digital transformation agenda.
  • Adopt a human-centered philosophy oriented on employees and customers. Here’s where Customer Experience (CX) plays an important role.

If these resonate with you, you’re not alone. Your ever-expanding list of priorities needn’t be overwhelming; in fact, the evolving nature of your role offers you a unique opportunity.

Information Technology brokers exist to make your life easier: they become your dedicated expert and advocate for you in the IT services space. They are your secret weapon to stay ahead of the competition and evolve your business on your terms.

We encourage you to experience firsthand the benefits of working under our winning IT broker model at StrataCore. Schedule a meeting today with one of our Client Advocates, and let us help you make your life easier.

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