Technology Brokerage

How we help you acquire new technologies

We quickly ascertain the best provider options for your specific needs, evaluating both the well-known global suppliers and the niche specialists. Then, we create a bidding process where providers compete for your business. Our process ensures you get the best rates, terms, and deliverables available.

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Vendor Selection

We narrow the field of providers that can meet your requirements.

Shortlist of ideal Vendors
Provider performance and satisfaction rankings
Side-by-side pricing and technical comparisons

Reverse Auction

Frequently we find a 200% price variation for the exact same service, from the same provider. This is because providers have several different pricing tiers. For example:

  1. List pricing
  2. Director level discounts
  3. VP level discounts
  4. Special pricing (ICB)

The key to great pricing is activating the provider’s special pricing process. Typically, this involves an MBA pricing analyst at the supplier. Clients never get to talk to this person; however, this analyst knows the true cost of delivering the service and what they can sell it for. A reverse auction and many other data points are needed to initiate this custom pricing process. We help you do this. When vendors compete, you win.

Industry-wide pricing benchmarks
Competitive bidding process
Negotiation of rates

Legal Review
More smiles. Less headaches.

Most of our clients already have in house attorneys who are generalists or know their specific business. Typically, we find that these attorneys lack deep experience negotiating specific technology provider contracts. Knowing the right terminology and what to ask for makes the difference between a good contract and a bad contract. We have identified 35 areas of supplier contracts that need to be revised. We already have the plug and play language. Have your attorney work with our attorney for more smiles and better contracts.

Industry-wide benchmarks on terms and clauses
Negotiation tips for more favorable terms


When the decision is made to move forward with a provider, we facilitate all the paperwork, the processes, and the meetings. Get it done right with an industry expert in your corner.

Order submission and processing
Provisioning and handoff to implementations
Post-sales oversight
Escalation support

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