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We help you maximize the value of your cloud initiatives - increase efficiency, improve performance, and minimize risk


Discover Experienced Cloud Consulting Experts to Grow your Business

Cloud computing allows businesses to rapidly find innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve performance, minimize risk, and reduce costs. If you are looking for an external resource to assist with developing a cloud strategy or assist with project management, we can help.

StrataCore has a network of valuable cloud consulting partners, we engage with to help your company embrace the cloud and streamline your IT infrastructure. Our cloud consulting partners have decades of experience, can capitalize on early trends, and since they work with many clients in a variety of industries, have the holistic insight to help you source and execute a best-in-class plan of action.

We will work to ensure your infrastructure requirements are approached in a way that is flexible and will meet your business needs for years to come. With the constant change found within the technology landscape, it is vitally important to efficiently determine what should be outsourced versus conducted in-house.

Simple Cloud Computing Services

We give you more than simple Cloud Consulting Services

The field of cloud computing is vast, but a few things are clear: cloud computing gives you an opportunity to store all your data in a virtual environment and creates a huge amount of potential for what we call “augmentation”. But many people want more from a company than just the cloud consulting service. 

So, we have a huge network of service providers who offer multiple service lines, including business intelligence, business analytics, big data analytics, artificial intelligent and social media consulting, for companies who want to make sure they get the most out of their money spent.

How We Can Help

Projects StrataCore's Cloud Consulting Partners can assist with

Cloud strategy, architecture, configuration and integration Infrastructure inventory and expense/audit for connectivity, colocation and cloud services
Project management for data center cage builds, cloud provisioning, and circuit installation
Best practices for integrating public/private/hybrid solutions
Financial modeling, business and financial terms, scope and service level development



Technical expertise and vision to help you develop a plan or technology roadmap.


Experience and relationships to help you acquire new technology solutions.


Real support from real people to help with implementation, management, and billing.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Steve Talt

    Steve Talt

    Sr. Director, Systems @ Getty Images

    “StrataCore’s team worked on our behalf to source the best solution for our needs. They helped to save us valuable time and money.”

  • Wayson Vannatta

    CIO @ WatchGuard

    "When it comes to getting IT services, colo or a security vendor, the first partner I call is StrataCore. I count on them to know the heartbeat of the market and the best options for our business needs.”

  • Brian Capps

    Brian Capps

    Director, Network & Data Center @ Zillow

    “StrataCore hires good people, the team has been super solid and enjoyable to work with.”

  • Brian Hanson

    Brian Hanson

    Sr. Director, Comcast Technology Solutions @ Comcast

    “The StrataCore team has helped immensely over the years. I don't have to augment my team with experts - you fulfill that role.”

  • Jai Dalal

    Jai Dalal

    VP, Internal IT & Technical Client Services @ WideOrbit

    “The value that StrataCore adds to an IT department is huge. This is especially the case when you have a lean organization that doesn't have the bandwidth to vet the market to obtain strategic pricing or services.”

  • Nick Halden

    Nick Halden

    Solution Architect @ Vix Technology

    “The StrataCore team was very valuable in terms of saving us time and money. Throughout the entire process they provided candid, insightful assessments and market intelligence that brought real value to Vix.”

  • Dan Wilson

    Dan Wilson

    Principal Architect III @ Concur

    “The StrataCore team is exceptionally talented, knows the industry, and always delivers on promises.”

  • Carey Fujii

    Former IT Director @ Tableau

    “What I enjoy most about StrataCore is their full end-to-end service. We met, gave StrataCore our requirements, and they engaged the appropriate vendors.”

  • Clifford Cancelosi

    Clifford Cancelosi

    COO @ MultiScale Health Networks

    “StrataCore focuses on completely understanding customer needs/timeframes/etc.They ensure that it's accurately represented to the provider community.”

  • Jason Stefanski

    Jason Stefanski

    Chief Information Officer & Principal @ GeoEngineers

    “StrataCore saved us countless hours. Their knowledge of the market and negotiation tactics resulted in saving us a substantial amount. We would not hesitate to recommend them as a very trusted advisor!”

  • Benny Zaidenberg

    Benny Zaidenberg

    Sr. Director, Global Data Center & IT Ops @ Amdocs

    “Working with StrataCore was easy. It’s the best deal and a win/win situation for both our companies.”

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