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Communication as a Service (Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX, Cloud Telephony)

There are many serious considerations for any company considering switching to hosted Telephony (CaaS). Choosing the right provider, the right solution, and how to integrate into an organization’s existing IT and business practices, while still planning for the future, can be a daunting task.

For some organizations, functionality and features are going to drive the decision making process, for others it is the transition from a Capex to an Opex centric financial model that will prove to be the key factor. CaaS is providing the functionality that the end users desire, the cost savings C-Level executives need to see, and when combined with the lack of onsite hardware to manage and maintain, this solution has proven extraordinarily attractive to forward thinking business leaders and organizations.

All solutions fit into 2 buckets:

-Premise based – any phone system where the “intelligence” sits at the customer’s premise

-Hosted – all “system intelligence” sits in the cloud

The benefits of CaaS:

-survivability vs. single points of failure for premise based

-protect against technology obsolescence, premise based will need future upgrades as technology evolves

-lower CAPEX costs

-requires no onsite system admin

-much lower TCO

Some examples of providers offering these services – Evolve IP, Simple Signal, iCore, Appia. Bandwidth Advisors can assist with the CaaS educational process to discover what is right for your business. We will ask the right questions then build your custom RFP and go to market to get the best price and best CaaS provider for your needs.


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