Tips for Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy


An organization’s cybersecurity policy and controls must be created so they are easily adaptable to new emerging threats. Assessing cyberthreats is an ongoing process, and needs to be carefully mapped against the adequacy and existence of security controls. You have to approach cyber security in an intelligent and systematic way, implementing a strategy that protects multiple points of vulnerability for your business.

The National Cyber Security Alliance offers the following simple tips for completing a risk assessment and mitigating risk for your organization.

Cybersecurity assessment tips:

  • Understand what information you need to protect: identify the corporate “crown jewels.”
  • Identify threats to the “crown jewels.” How is this information stored? Who has access to this information? How do you protect your data? What steps are taken to secure computers, network, email and other tools?
  • Forecast the consequences of a successful attack. Ask your IT or IS team to walk you through the above analysis, ask them to quantify the risk, and to explain what could happen as a result of a fully successful cyberattack against your company.

Risk mitigation tips: 

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy needs to focus on these three key areas:

  1. Prevention – Solutions, policies, and procedures need to be put in place to reduce the risk of attacks.
  2. Resolution – In the event of a security breach, plans and procedures need to be in place to determine the resources that will be used to remedy a threat.
  3. Restitution – Organizations need to be prepared to address the repercussions of a security threat with their employees and customers to ensure that any loss of trust or business is minimal and short-lived.

Another great resource for developing a thorough cybersecurity strategy is this easy-to-read infographic from Trustwave10 Reasons to Test, Not Guess. This infographic will help you to make more informed decisions based on real-world knowledge of your databases, networks, and applications. To secure your business you must be vigilant. Cyberthreats are evolving every day, and cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to get into your systems and network.

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