The Advisor, IT Industry News – Q2 2016

Deep Dive: Data Breach – Is it Already Too Late?

It’s not a matter of if, but when the next big data breach revelation will make news. What is the key to fighting this cyber security battle? Listen to a panel of experts exploring the following data security related topics:

  • Essential technologies for data protection
  • How to define and prioritize potential threats
  • Emerging trends with prevention and mitigation
  • Real-world data breach stories from leading clients and service providers

View the discussion here.

Trending Topic: Cloud Cost Optimization

The monthly spend for cloud computing services can quickly get out of control and wreak havoc on your bottom line. Prevent wasted resources by optimizing your spend across all virtualized environments. Easily evaluate your efficiency and performance with detailed metrics offered by our cloud cost optimization approach. Empower your investment and improve your ROI today.

Read the cost optimization use cases.

New Infographic: Containers & Cloud – The Basics

Container-based technology, fueled by the success of Docker, is being adopted by enterprise companies and start-up communities. Containers radically simplify and diversify app deployment. Rapid provisioning and OS abstraction make this a compelling technology for developers and operators alike. Find out if this technology would benefit your organization.

View the infographic here.

Featured Blog Post: Collapse of US-EU Safe Harbor Framework

The recent decision made by the European Court of Justice to invalidate a major, 15 year-old data-sharing agreement sent shock-waves across the Atlantic. American companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter that have historically transmitted information between the US and Europe may be prohibited from doing so in the future.

Read more about Safe Harbor here.

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