StrataCore Saves WildTangent 40% on CDN Costs

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Contract Negotiation Case study

WildTangent engaged with StrataCore to quickly identify competitively priced, high-quality CDN offerings in the marketplace.

Problem Statement
The CDN market is a busy place, with many different providers and solutions available. WildTangent enlisted StrataCore to vet the market for competitive solutions to compare to their current service. While pricing for their existing CDN had been previously annually negotiated, the pricing had failed to decrease inline with the market, and they had been forced to pay a premium for value-added services.

Custom Sourcing Process
After gathering all technical and business requirements, StrataCore went to work to find the best provider and CDN solution for WildTangent’s business and technical needs. Several competitive providers were identified to bid on the opportunity. StrataCore’s unique sourcing process allowed WildTangent to quickly and efficiently down select provider finalists based on cost, performance, and service levels. After a trial run of the top two options, they chose StackPath’s CDN offering as the winning solution.

“StrataCore’s custom sourcing process helped us quickly identify provider finalists and easily compare CDN options side-by-side with our current service.”
Mark Trotter, Sr. Director of IT Operations – WildTangent

StrataCore Solution
StrataCore engaged with multiple qualified CDN providers who could meet or exceed what WildTangent expected for service levels, performance standards, and cost saving. The chosen provider, StackPath, was the perfect fit; they met all the requirements and offered the most favorable contract terms.

Cost Savings and Service Improvements
The comprehensive solution selected by WildTangent saved them 40% from their previous CDN provider. In addition to the cost savings, the chosen service offering from StackPath will provide higher service levels including hands-on 24 x 7 client support, enhanced customer portal, and frictionless on-boarding. 

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