HPC : Your Future Depends on it

hpc future depends

HPC (high performance computing) refers to the use of supercomputers or clusters of computers to solve difficult computational problems that are either too large for standard computers or would take too long to solve. HPC has the potential to enable innovation and discovery at a faster pace than ever before, which means that high performance computing will be coming to every industry sector sooner or later.

There is a growing need for IT organizations to adopt high performance computing to handle ever-increasing workloads. Find out how Nimbix can help your company scale its capacity so it can easily manage the computing demands of both today and tomorrow. Don’t miss our live webinar with Steve Hebert, Co-Founder and CEO of Nimbix on May 22nd.

In this webinar you will learn about:
– Dedicated high performance compute clusters
– NACC: HPC as a service
– Automated data processing workflows
– Benefits of Nimbix cloud service
– How StrataCore and Nimbix work together


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