Earth Month 2013: Celebrating Green Technology

earth month 2013 celebrating green technology in the data center world

To celebrate Earth Month 2013 we’re presenting a few good articles to read about the implementation of Green Technology in the Data Center world.

1. We have an article by Marina Thiry, the Strategic Marketing Director- Data Centers for ABB, which speaks to the idea of using distributed energy sources, centralized control, and energy storage in next generation data centers. She highlights the resilience and sustainability that distributed energy sources bring, especially when used with a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. Thiry gives an overview of this green technology and some tips for seeing if it’s right for your company. Click here to read more

2. This article gives insight into this year’s “Audacious Idea Award” winner from the Uptime Institute’s Green Enterprise IT awards. TeraCool has proposed the idea of a symbiotic relationship between natural gas storage plants and data centers. By placing these two facilities side by side, data centers can put their waste heat to work while pulling excess energy from the natural gas plants. In this manner there is the potential to mutually conserve energy, save money, and reduce air, water, and greenhouse gas emissions. The article covers a few more noteworthy winners and ideas in 2013. Click here to read more.

3. Lastly, we want to recognize some of the leaders in green data center technology. Four very recognizable names in technology today are making huge strides toward going green in their data centers. Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are all implementing cutting edge and unique ideas like harvesting natural power resources to reduce harmful emissions. Click here to read more.

As always, we are looking for ways to go green and help our clients go green. Keep Earth Day in mind all year by staying conscious of your IT infrastructure’s impact on the planet. For more information or if you want to discuss what you’ve learned please contact us here.



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