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Here is a quick rundown of a few newsworthy articles that people are talking about it the world of IT, including cloud computing trends for 2015, some M&A activity, new products/services being offered, and organizations leading the technology pack.

Understanding CloudStack, OpenStack, and the Cloud API

OpenStack vs CloudStack is not so much of a battle as it is a push for advanced cloud management. Let’s start here: these platforms were designed as cloud computing has become an integral part for many organizations. The big push was for logical cloud-layer management that has a lot of ways to control various workloads.

5 Ways OpenStack Trove will Change How You Manage Databases

Today, enterprise IT faces a challenge like never before: Provide more and better services, be more agile, and lower operating cost, all while guaranteeing absolute invulnerability to security breaches.

This challenge is most acute when it comes to data and databases. Many significant IT challenges tend to swirl around ensuring that these systems are scalable in the face of increasing volumes of data and transactions. To meet these goals, enterprises continue to spend a significant amount of their IT budgets on things relating to databases: faster hardware and new software licenses along with highly skilled database administrators.

DBaaS (Database as a service) technologies offer considerable promise in helping to address many of these data-related challenges. Broadly speaking, DBaaS provides its consumers with a self-service way to quickly select, provision, and operate a data management infrastructure in a secure, scalable, and reliable manner.

Are Software Defined Data Centers for Real?

As IT infrastructure and operations have become more complex, technologies such as cloud and virtualization have been implemented to adapt to various business needs. Over the past decade, server virtualization has redefined the deployment, management and optimization of computing resources, transforming the data center into a more adaptable and efficient platform for business applications. Application loads that once ran on static, dedicated servers are now hosted in dynamic, virtualized server environments that can be scaled and shaped on demand.

Box Buys Airpost, a Startup That Keeps Tabs on Cloud App Use

Box has acquired Airpost, a startup that helps enterprises detect and manage the use of cloud applications by their employees.

Airpost, a two-year-old startup based in Toronto, announced the acquisition in a blog post on Friday. Box confirmed it has bought the company. Terms were not disclosed.

Google Cloud Offers Security Scanning for Customer Apps

Google has released a security scanner to help its cloud customers guard against attacks on their Web applications.

Google Cloud Security Scanner, now available as a free beta for Google App Engine users, is designed to overcome a number of limitations often found in commercial Web application security scanners, noted Google security engineering manager Rob Mannin a blog post announcing the new service.

HP Latest to Unbundle Switch Hardware, Software

HP has joined the disaggregation party through two partnerships that will produce a branded white box switch capable of running multiple network operating systems.

A relationship with Accton Technology has been expanded to offer two new switches initially, and more later this year. The switches will be low-cost, software-independent white box hardware targeted at Web scale data centers supporting cloud, mobile, social media and big data workloads.

Under a second arrangement, HP will offer Cumulus Networks’ Cumulus Linux network operating system on the Accton switches. Cumulus Linux runs on a variety of white box and branded switching hardware based on merchant silicon, and is intended to make the software side of networking hardware independent.


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