Don’t like your Cloud Vendor? Wait a second [podcast]


I was on my way home the other night and wanted something to listen to while sitting in traffic, so why not a podcast. Here is a summary of The Structured Show podcast that kept me entertained while parked on I-90. Thank you to the hosts Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris.

“If your cloud provider’s lineup leaves you cold, you can jump ship. Or you could wait a minute because things could — probably will — change. There’s already been a ton of consolidation — the acquisitions of MetaCloud, Eucalyptus, Cloudscaling et al by Cisco, HP, and EMC respectively.

And considerable partnering as well. This week’s news that VMware and Google are collaborating to bring key Google cloud services — including BigQuery — to VMware’s vCloud Air is just the latest – and most striking example. Google potentially gets an entry point to VMware’s enterprise customers and vCloud Air gets more cool large-scale applications to bring in more customers. Depending on how this arrangement is executed it could give both players a better competitive story vis-a-vis Amazon Web Services.”

Other topics of discussion during the podcast:

IBM exec shift and layoffs – Its official Lance Crosby, former CEO of SoftLayer, has parted ways with IBM. They have appointed another exec to head up their cloud operations going forward.  IBM is also rumored to be laying off “several thousand” employees, a “small fraction” of what was reported by Forbes.

Microsoft releases Power BI tools – “Microsoft Offering Power Business Intelligence Tools for Free”. They are also releasing Power BI Pro at a low monthly price for the enterprise customer.

Amazon released its cloud-based corporate WorkMail offering recently. Apparently the beta-test version has some questionable privacy policies that offer very little comfort for IT departments.

Their special guest was – Matt Ocko, Co-Managing Partner of DataCollective, who has a good handle on what’s been overdone and what’s new-and-important in data.

If you are looking for 30 minutes of cloud news, listen to the entire podcast here.

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