Webinar: Secure, Maintainable, Hybrid Cloud Deployments


Industry experts are predicting a huge growth rate for Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid offers the best of both worlds – the flexibility, agility, and scalability of a public cloud with the security, control, and performance benefits of a private cloud. That said, deploying a Hybrid Cloud solution is complex work and many organizations face challenges with integration, security, and performance. 

We recently hosted a webinar covering this topic with special guests; Wowrack, Imperva, and AppDynamics.

During the webinar, we discussed:

  •          Application security
  •          Multi-cloud implementation
  •          Hybrid interoperability
  •          Ensuring performance across cloud-based and data center-based deployments
  •          Deploying your infrastructure to maximize security and minimize downtime


Webinar moderator:

Lee Pallat – Director of Cloud Strategy – StrataCore

Webinar panelists:

Terry Ray – Chief Product Strategist – Imperva

Tom Rabaut – Western Field CTO – AppDynamics

Ed Kimm – Managing Partner & CRO – Wowrack


Watch the recorded Hybrid Cloud Tactics webinar  now.

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