Understanding Network Operations Center Options

A network operation center (NOC) is the heart of your data, responsible for data processing, digital distribution, handling financial and proprietary information, and the overall user experience. As a vital piece of your company’s infrastructure, how the NOC services are managed for your company matters a great deal. Most organizations will need to choose between self-managing onsite NOC services, or network operation centers as a service (NOCaaS) in a data colocation center. Learn more about your organization options now.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Your organization requires optimal data management 24/7. Choosing NOCaaS will incorporate automated quality assurance as well as data security/penetration testing and include documented compliance testing by experienced industry professionals. Alternatively, a NOC will require an in-house staff to create or purchase programs to conduct this same monitoring, as well as hire and train staff to perform these roles. In many NOCaaS options, you can also incorporate AI-driven initiatives for smarter and more intuitive incident response and remediation.

Preventative Maintenance

While continuous monitoring helps identify issues, preventative maintenance can stop those issues from occurring in the first place. Whether your data operations are onsite or offsite, you will still need regularly scheduled cleanings, as well as hardware replacements and software updates as needed. A NOC will manage this process through in-house staff, and a NOCaaS can conduct this as part of your data center services.

Onsite Support

Since data centers require 24/7 uptime, there should be onsite support available at all hours of the day. For data operations managed onsite, this means that even when regular employees go home at 5pm, data center support remains available. It can be a complex task to manage the security and staffing for a single department. Data colocation centers specialize in this 24/7 management. NOCaaS includes onsite support at a lower cost as the costs are shared between multiple separate and secure clients.



Onsite support also offers faster and more reliable options for disaster recovery. A quality colocation center will have generator backups for power, other building locations, additions to minimize flooding risk, and quality temperature control mechanisms. However, it may be necessary to have your headquarters in a zone with the risk of flooding and earthquakes. In that case, NOCaaS lets you keep your data in a more secure location.

Cost Savings Are Simple

Your network operations are of the utmost importance. If you have a large infrastructure and reliable location, you may be able to support your NOC needs in-house. On the other hand, If you don’t have the right setup, you’ll easily benefit from the shared costs of a fully staffed and managed colocation site with NOCaaS. By outsourcing your network operations, you can expect support from experts at NOC services. Eliminate the in-house training and trial and error with experts who can get it right the first time. Learn all about Colocation Pricing here, in our robust guide to help you with this process.


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