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We wanted to recap a few of the highlights from our blog, which included a fair amount of M&A activity, new cloud related technology products, and a bit of Shellshock.


Docker’s Growing Ecosystem and the New Container World

Docker, the container technology that finally made it, is the hot tech topic of 2015. Although container technology is more than a decade old, Docker has been the key to gaining industry-wide support by paving the road to cloud portability for the masses.

2014: The Year of the Data Breach from SkyHigh Networks

Even if you didn’t follow the cyber security news this year, it was hard to miss the headline-making breaches at Sony and widespread vulnerabilities like Heartbleed.

Seattle Cloud Startups Bucking the Consolidation Trend

With all the recent news about Cloud Consolidation, it’s interesting to note a couple of recent developments in the Seattle cloud scene.  Blue Box, an OpenStack based, Private Cloud as a Service company announced an additional $10 million in funding from a “large publicly-traded technology company” today.

VMware Product Announcements: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Amongst the many revelations at VMworld this year were the renaming of VMware’s hosted cloud service product to vCloud Air and the announcement of their new converged infrastructure appliance, EVO:RAIL. 

Internet Shellshocked Today: Bash Vulnerability a Webwide Problem

A vulnerability reported in the GNU Borne Again Shell (Bash) yesterday has been exploited and used to take over Web servers as part of botnet. This newly discovered security hole has been dubbed “Shellshock” and is similar to the Heartbleed bug that appeared last spring in that it allows anyone with knowledge of the vulnerability to exploit a large number of Web servers.

Cisco’s Intercloud Eats Metacloud

Though Rackspace declared it is no longer in search of a buyer, another two participants have announced their intentions.  Network hardware giant, Cisco, has announced its acquisition of OpenStack private cloud vendor Metacloud.  All of this coming on the heels of HP’s acquisition of Eucalyptus last week signals an uptick in Cloud M&A activity.

HP Acquires Eucalyptus, and Marten Mickos

HP has acquired AWS partner and private cloud solution provider, Eucalyptus, in a deal valued under $100 million, and tapped its CEO to head their cloud division.  This is an…interesting move. Eucalyptus was one of the early available options for private cloud deployment, built to be fully compatible with AWS APIs. With the rise of OpenStack and CloudStack alternatives, which boast much greater adoption and industry support, the Eucalyptus star has faded.

Just in case you missed our favorite meme of 2014, here it is in all it’s glory. 


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