Phil Lambert

Chairman & Founder, Ripcord Solutions

Phil Lambert is a leader, an innovator and problem solver. He is a well-regarded advocate and thought-leader in the continuity management community. He holds two certified designations, MBCI and CBCP.

He has proven success in the design, development and implementation of enterprise continuity programs, training design and development and managing teams of continuity planners. Phil excels at bridging silos within organizations by engaging team leaders to develop an enterprise-wide “continuity culture” that strengthens and conditions organizations to rapidly change when needed.

Phil has held senior leadership positions at two Fortune 500 companies. He was a lead strategist in the design and implementation of the business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and the Y2K program for Option One Mortgage, H&R Block’s mortgage subsidiary. Phil also held a senior level position as Director of Business Continuity for Safeco Corporation, a financial services leader.

He has a reputation for highly effective innovative solutions to complex problems within his field. Phil is a leading advocate in the business continuity community. He has served on numerous local and national boards for the Association for Contingency Planners (ACP), is a professional trainer and keynote speaker at national, regional and local conferences and meetings.

Phil Lambert

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