Mia Windom

Technology Strategist & Resource Broker


As Director of Client Advocacy, Mia is responsible for optimizing existing Technology Services and sourcing best-in-class Data Center, Cloud, Connectivity, CX, and Security solutions that enable her clients to grow with the needs of their end-users.

Mia is native to the Seattle area and has been with StrataCore since 2015. She prides herself on being a true advocate for her customers and always doing what is best for them and their business. Mia loves to find ways to save her customers money while upgrading their technology and increasing efficiency across all departments.

She received her BA in Communication & Political Science from the University of Washington with a 3.82 overall GPA and Annual Dean’s List achievement. She went on to complete her MA in Communication & Network Project Management from the University of Washington with a 3.9 overall GPA. Go Dawgs!

Client Quotes

“StrataCore has been amazing to work with, takes so much work/stress off our hands.  Mia is unbelievable to work with, probably the best rep we have, regardless of vendor.”

–IT Manager, Seattle-Based company

“Mia is awesome, great experience, highly recommend her to other people looking for assistance with telco services.”

–Owner / President, Florida-Based company


Mia Windom

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