Eduardo Umaña

Marketing Operations Manager

As part of Stratacore’s Marketing department, Eduardo brings five years of DIY digital marketing experience. Combining the analytical and creative aspects of his training in the trade, he provides a unique perspective on marketing strategy and execution.

Doing time and paying his dues in ad agencies, he worked as a copywriter/proofreader, Editor at Large, video and podcast producer, worked as an assistant to Key Account Managers, and, eventually, as an Account Manager himself. If that wasn’t enough, Eduardo had also gained experience as a contractor, developing and managing projects.

Having graduated from one of the most competitive engineering programs of Universidad Centroamericana, “José Simeón Cañas” (El Salvador), Eduardo was designing construction plans as a Jr. Structural Engineer when he realized his passions lay someplace else. While getting his MBA, he ventured into journalism, content creation, and communications, complementing academics with empiric experience.

Eduardo Umaña

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