StrataCore is part the Top Washington’s Most Equitable Workplaces

StrataCore was recently awarded as the number 11th in the ranking of Most Equitable Workplaces in the State of Washington.

The GEN Index is a regional ranking of equity-centered workplaces. It is based on a composite assessment of the results of an employee experience survey and a process review. 

All companies on the list were evaluated on five different areas, including a deep understanding of the company processes to ensure a bias-free environment. This also includes a pay gap audit, revising hiring processes to include blind application reviews and standard interviews, and drafting a comprehensive equity strategy to ensure the company maintains equitable practices as they grow.

The areas of evaluation to meet the GEN Index standards are:

  • Bias Neutrality Score (BNS)
  • Employee Resonance Score (ERS)
  • Accessibility Score (AS)
  • Experience Perception GAP (EPG)
  • Visible Advocacy Score (VAS)

We’re proud to be part of the Top List because the GEN Index is quite different from other inclusion rankings, as most of them only consider the percentage of employees who are female – the GEN Index goes deeper and provides a better understanding of a company’s core values,culture, and business practices.

This is just the beginning

Through this ranking, StrataCore has been recognized for its mission to create a space with equal opportunities, where talent and dedication are rewarded no matter where they come from.

Today we will celebrate this achievement as a team, but we will also reaffirm our commitment to being the best place to work and being a client.

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