Q1 Newsletter: 2015

  • Q1 Panel Event Recap: Cloud vs Colo Smackdown

  • New Infographic: Security-as-a-Service
  • Featured Blog: Cloud Closed – A Rundown of Shutdowns
  • Featured Article: The Allure of Singapore – The World’s Second Gateway to China



Q1 Panel Event Recap: Cloud vs Colo Smackdown – Where to Put Your Infrastructure

We recently hosted an educational panel event with the Seattle SIM where three of our valued clients, each an IT operations expert, shared their stories of why they decided to move infrastructure in or out of the cloud. 

The panelists talked about the decision making factors around their move and why it was the right solution for their company’s infrastructure. Watch the debate and learn more about the three different scenarios here.

New Infographic: There is a New aaS in Town – Security-as-a-Service 

It’s time for organizations of all sizes to prepare for a more complex landscape of cyber threats: very large volumetric attacks, application attacks that target specific critical resources, and low and slow attacks that may occur below the radar.

Constant evolution, and cutting-edge threat prevention and management tactics are key to keeping your company’s network, applications, and end-users safe in today’s environment. This infographic presents a more sophisticated solution to help companies stay ahead of the curve – SECaaS. Click here to see the full infographic.

Featured Blog: Cloud Closed – A Rundown of Shutdowns

2014 showed us that even the largest providers are susceptible to poor planning, poor engineering, unknown bugs, and malicious miscreants. While the technical issues can be prevented, we expect to see an increase in hacker-caused outages as the tools to initiate these cyberattacks become widespread and they become a preferred method of social protest and nation state domination.

Read the full article here. For ongoing infrastructure and cloud insight from Lee (and special guest bloggers), check out our blog and tell us what you think.

Featured Article:
The Allure of Singapore – The World’s Second Gateway to China

Rapidly establishing itself as the place where international companies go to serve customers in China, and where Chinese companies go to serve customers in Europe or North America, Singapore has become a popular destination for IT infrastructure providers.

It is one of the few markets in APAC where carriers don’t dominate the data center landscape, allowing for a truly competitive marketplace for both colocation and cloud/managed hosting solutions.

As APAC continues to mature as an economy, more and more of our clients have been targeting Singapore as their destination for expansion, and while rates are still significantly higher than Europe or North America, they are quickly becoming more competitive.


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