Key Questions to Ask for a Successful Application Assessment

An Application Assessment will set up indicators to measure the usability, cost, quality, performance, and risk of applications.

After completing your initial business assessment, you need to look at your current IT infrastructure and applications to determine if there are gaps to address.

These assessments help you make strategic decisions on whether to replace or upgrade applications and will also ensure you understand the requirements that your IT infrastructure provider must meet.

The following questions will help you move towards the complete understanding of your IT infrastructure needs.

1. Are there reasons to move specific applications or data sets to the cloud? 

Having the flexibility to provision on-demand can help to save money and increase time to market for particular applications and locations. 

2. Who are your end users and what are their needs moving forward? Are you able to support any device, at any time? 

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting the needs of your end users. Competition is fierce, you don’t want to lose market share to tech savvy competitors. 

3. Is your current IT infrastructure able to support the growth pattern of your company? 

If your company is growing at a steady pace, you need to plan accordingly. There are too many companies that get stuck in an overpriced, outdated solution that no longer fits their needs

4. Are you planning on a hardware refresh in the next 1-3 years?

The life-cycle of your equipment needs to be part or your TCO analysis when looking at what solution makes the most financial sense for your company. 

5. Do you have any legacy applications that need to stay on hardware? Do you have any “bursty” applications? 

Take into consideration what the most cost-effective platform is for each application. You could end up consuming a lot of resources trying to “force” applications into a solution that ultimately doesn’t work.

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Application Assessments are all about helping you gain a solid competitive advantage

Taking the time to complete a business, IT and Infrastructure assessments, analyzing the results, understanding those insights, and jumping from one meeting to another when sourcing for the right IT providers are not easy tasks. 

However, those are necessary to gain the solid competitive advantage that IT professionals are always seeking to achieve.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

Here at StrataCore, we take the lead of your IT infrastructure projects, so you can save a bunch of time and money.

As professional Tech Advisors, we can provide you with tons of resources including legal assistance, interviewing IT providers, analyzing your business, and a lot more.

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