Industry Updates– Shellshock Bugs, Cloud Acquisitions & Reboots


Just in case you missed it – here’s a quick look at a few top industry news articles from last week:

Recap of StrataCore Blog Posts:

Internet Shellshocked Today: Bash Vulnerability a Webwide Problem

A vulnerability reported in the GNU Borne Again Shell (Bash) has been exploited and used to take over Web servers as part of botnet. This newly discovered security hole has been dubbed “Shellshock” and is similar to the Heartbleed bug that appeared last spring in that it allows anyone with knowledge of the vulnerability to exploit a large number of Web servers.

Cisco’s Intercloud Eats Metacloud

Cisco announced its acquisition of Openstack private cloud vendor Metacloud. Cisco entered the cloud world with a $1 Billion investment announcement of its Intercloud fabric in March this year. Subsequent months have seen the onboarding of a number of ‘Cisco-powered’ provider partners (including Telstra, Atos, Sungard, and others) who make their services available in the Cisco Intercloud.

VMWare Announces Openstack Compatibility and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance

VMWare recently announced two initiatives intended to promote its data center virtualization leadership. The first is compatibility with the Open Source Cloud framework Openstack, and the second is a new partnership with hardware providers to build an easy-to-use scalable, datacenter-in-a-box.


Other Industry News:

Rackspace Reboots Cloud Servers to Apply Xen Security Patch

Oracle Expanding Depth of its Cloud Development

Digital Realty Trust Partners with Carpathia for Joint Hybrid Cloud Solutions

365 Data Centers Takes On Cloud Storage

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