Going Global – Taking Tech Worldwide [Video]

Growth companies will inevitably reach a point where they look to expand their customer base outside of the United States. This global expansion is accompanied by the need for infrastructure services to enable the success of these growing technical, sales and administrative teams.

Whether it’s a global WAN/MPLS network, data center colocation, managed hosting,cloud or security services, there are many factors to take into consideration when sourcing IT infrastructure internationally. Weigh your options carefully before opening an office, securing data center space, or deciding to outsource managed services in a foreign country.

This recorded panel discussion will bring clarity to the global infrastructure market and assist with making the best decision for delivering your company’s technology services overseas. Watch the video now.

During this panel, industry experts discussed:

  • What you need to know about US-EU Safe Harbor
  • Advantages/disadvantages of sourcing in specific countries – i.e. Luxembourg, Ireland,
    China, Russia, India, Australia, and LATAM
  • Contracting concerns
  • Minimizing risk – political and economic
  • Real-world use cases

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