Data Center Design & Construction – 5 Crucial Design Elements

Data centers are vital to the web. They host the equipment that keeps the internet. They feature racks of servers, lots of cables, and a range of other equipment. The equipment stores the information that you find on websites and other online platforms. They have to stay on and run all the time smoothly, or else these platforms will be inaccessible. Data centers are designed to keep the servers powered and operating at optimal levels. A data center has to meet certain requirements to be deemed efficient and reliable. So, what exactly goes into data center design and construction?

 Here is an overview of five essential factors that every data center must get right. 

1. Power

Data centers use more power than some developed nations do. On a global scale, data centers use more than 200 terawatts annually. They need the power to keep servers and other essential equipment running–power interruptions result in expensive downtimes and damages to the equipment.

Data centers get most of their power from the electricity grid. Many are also switching to green energy practices such as harvesting solar power to supplement supply from the grid–and ease the impact on the environment. It is also essential that every data center should have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to avoid power interruptions.

Note: Power demand for operating power centers is on a continual rise as servers and other equipment become more sophisticated. As such, data centers should increase their power supply capacity with a particular focus on green energy.

2. Cooling

Servers and other equipment in data centers generate a lot of heat. The heat builds up in the facility and has to be expelled to protect the equipment–the heat damages servers and other equipment and can even start fires.

Every data center should have efficient cooling solutions. There is a variety of cooling solutions, and every solution comes with varying requirements.

3. Security

Cyber-security has been a trending topic over the recent past. However, even the most advanced cyber-security measures are useless without on-site security for the data centers holding up the web.

A breach in the data center would put sensitive data at risk. As such, every data center should be protected against physical threats. Recommended security measures include:

  • Perimeter fencing using motion sensors and cameras
  • Biometric security systems
  • Security guards doing the rounds on the grounds.

Only authorized personnel should have access to the data center, and the number of authorized personnel should be reduced to the bare essential.  

4. Scalability

The web gets bigger and bigger by the day, so the demand for data centers is increasing continuously. Existing data centers will soon be required to serve more online platforms, which means taking on more servers and other equipment. As such, data center design and construction should take scalability and flexibility into account–every data center should be ready to accommodate upgrades whenever necessary.

5. Location

A data center also demands a suitable external environment, so the area should be close to perfect. There are several factors when choosing the ideal location. Check the following factors off your list when surveying potentially ideal locations:

  • No underlying geological risks
  • Proximity to a reliable power source
  • Proximity to the local clientele
  • Favorable weather patterns  

Other factors include neighboring uses, infrastructure development, transport, and anything else that may affect the data center.  

Tip: Setting up a data center from scratch is no easy fit. It is cheaper and more efficient to use data center colocation services, where all the heavy lifting is left to the experts.   

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