Customer Experience (CX): What to Know Before Implementation

What is Customer Experience (CX)? 

Customer Experience (CX) refers to how customers perceive your brand based on their experience working with you. This involves all interactions a customer has with your company, and the perception of those interactions.

Technology used to support CX continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It is essential that companies have a detailed CX strategy and roadmap to maximize revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction. 

Strategy and Roadmap 

A great CX strategy describes your ideal client experience and success mile markers.  Some roadmap elements you should consider are: 

  • Integrating your sales and post-sales processes 
  • The length of customer service representative interactions (initiation-to-resolution)  
  • Listening to real-time customer feedback 
  • Seamless or low-maintenance interface across your business and all your business applications.  


While creating a roadmap and executing a CX strategy may seem daunting, there’s help. As an IT Broker, StrataCore can provide expert tools and market analysis that will enable your company to efficiently make informed decisions regarding CX Applications at no additional cost – saving you time, money, and untold headaches. Click here to learn how StrataCore can help you. 

CX Applications  

There are a variety of CX Applications available today, and the market continues to evolve. – With so many options and providers to sort through in a fragmented and confusing marketplace, many companies are spending too much time trying to evaluate the best fit for their business. 

At StrataCore, we help our clients make sense of the CX market, help them understand all the options available, how they are similar, and different, and why those differences matter. Ultimately leading them to choosing the best fit, resulting in increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction. Engaging us is simple and costs you nothing – click here to learn more about how you can use our business to get back to yours. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.  

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