Cloud Myths

cloud myths

Are you worried about whether or not the cloud is a safe and viable option for your company’s IT infrastructure? Hesitation to enter the world of cloud infrastructure can be attributed to misunderstanding and fear about its prospective impact on an organization. Cloud computing has many potential benefits to offer: reduced cost, increased flexibility with expansion and the ability to easily create new services. There is no doubt of the impact on corporate IT cloud computing is making and yet many decision makers are fearful of whether or not their corporate data can be trusted to a cloud provider.

In an article from cloudtech, Matthew Finnie the CTO at Interoute Communications Ltd discusses five common attributes (summarized below) that often lead to misconceptions in regards to utilizing cloud infrastructure.

  1. Cloud computing is a fit for everyone. One of the greatest benefits offered by the cloud is its scalability. The cloud is designed for people who can’t really predict what they will need in the future. The cloud offers a pay for usage model that quickly and easily allows for flexible scalability.

  2. Cloud computing boils down to trust and money. “Eventually everyone figures out how to trust you for the right money.”

  3. Cloud Computing isn’t a fad. If you strip away all the hype and confusion over definition it really still operates with the same process as anything else that powers the internet and corporate IT.

  4. Cloud computing ushers in real change. It allows an enterprise to focus on other things than supplying IT infrastructure.

  5. Cloud computing in the future. The cloud will eventually operate with mass automation and you will no longer be able to tell the difference between the old dedicated versions and the ones in the cloud.

Read cloudtech’s article here.




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