5 Benefits of Colocation Services

Colocation services help small and large businesses cut back on large capital investments, maintain higher uptime, bolster security and benefit from a large IT team. One of the key benefits of colocation services is the ability to expand a business without worrying about facility leasing or construction costs. 

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a large IT department for a fraction of the cost and eliminate a lot of in-house responsibilities at the same time with data center colocation. 

Need uptime, performance and flexibility at market leading prices, on a global scale? These are just a few of the benefits of data center colocation.

Benefits of Colocation Services  

1. Cost-Efficiency and Savings

Data center colocation helps businesses battle increasing onsite data costs. Businesses can save on initial, large capital investments on hardware, infrastructure and facility leasing. Sharing costs through colocation allows for higher security, the ability to scale to meet demands and provide better uptime reliability. 

2. Security and Compliance

Data security is a top concern among businesses and consumers. Companies can leverage colocation data centers to provide multi-layer security to protect infrastructure. IDS systems, encryption, firewalls and other security measures offer robust security on multiple levels. 

Facility security may be in place including on-ground security guards, cameras and a 24/7 security staff that monitors and responds to security issues. 

Companies working in the medical field or that accept credit cards may require a facility that can pass a HIPPA audit or meets PCI-DSS payment standards. 

3. Scalability to Meet Your Demands

Businesses that continue to grow will have their IT demands rise. Colocation allows businesses of all sizes to continue growing without being impeded by the inability to scale due to large capital expenditures. 

Colocation services allow businesses to scale without worrying about infrastructure or support in the process. 

The ability to scale services as needed offers businesses the flexibility to deploy new applications and provision rack space in the data center. If the applications do not experience the growth expected, it’s easy to scale back the service to previous levels. 

Businesses don’t have to make large capital investments with risks that an application won’t grow as projected. Demands change over time, and whether demands go up or down, colocation allows for scaling with less risk. 

4. Higher Uptime and Reliability During Traffic Bursts

Scaling is only part of the process. Uptime and reliability are essential for long-term business success. Uptime reliability varies by provider, but most colocation services will have redundancy measures in place, including multiple backup power options to keep services running even during power outages or other unexpected events. 

Even if a physical disaster hits, the redundancy measures in place that will allow services to stay online. 

High traffic can also cause a service to go down. Amazon’s site crashed on Prime Day even with the company maintaining massive data centers and resources. Colocation allows for bursting capabilities that are able to accommodate traffic bursts without investing in new infrastructure. 

5. Day and Night Support

IT support is available across several mediums. Support personnel can handle troubleshooting requests, security issues, outages and will monitor systems at all times. With an on-site support team, downtime is kept to a minimum and potential security issues are promptly addressed.  

The presence of an on-site IT team at the colocation service allows you to free up your team’s time. Your IT team can be dispatched on other tasks that may have a larger impact on your business’ operations. 

The data center colocation market is expected to grow to $62.3 billion by 2022 as more businesses migrate to colocation facilities. The strong focus on security, emergency preparedness and equipment make data center colocation a low-cost, beneficial option for businesses of all sizes. 

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